Sunday, October 25, 2015

Heading into week 2...

We are entering week 2 with Landon! Boy what a joy he has been! He is such a good baby! Granted he has his moments...especially around 10pm...when he wants to stay up....and I am exhausted! On a typical night I am up with him for about an hour to feed, change, and just hang out. Despite dragging to get thru the day, I enjoy this quiet time with him. I catch up on reading the New Testament...I am almost done! Woohoo!

We had a typical week of school with him being around. Nothing has really changed in our routine...what is one more...right?! I am sure we will have our moments soon!

I have taken him out and about quiet a bit, including the park, to run errands, and to church for the first time--he was great!

My friend, Julie, took our Fall photos today...he slept right thru them!

By evening time I am exhausted...but it is all worth it!

The other kids have been awesome! They are always wanting to help. Jocelyn is great with him and has that special big sissy touch.

People have asked who we think he looks like--he definitely looks like Jocelyn when she was a baby. He even has a tint of strawberry in his hair, like she did.

If anyone is bored and in the area, feel free to stop by and meet our little guy. We have had just one neighbor stop by the day we got home...but visitors are welcome!

I am sure I will slow down with taking pics, but here are a few from this past week!



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