Tuesday, May 17, 2016

2016 Kids track meet!

The kids always look forward to participating in the yearly track meet put on by a local Christian school---they are nice enough to invite homeschoolers! Weston participated for the first time this year!

I had a total mom fail moment by not looking at the forecast carefully. The temperature plummeted 20 degrees between the morning and afternoon hours...so we did not dress appropriately and froze!! It was also extremly windy!! My kids are not extremly athletic, but they all had fun and did there best! They all came away with a few ribbons!

Because of my frozen fingers and dust in my contacts, I did not get very many action shots this year! Sean came along and cheered on the kids as well!

Kate is in the middle with pink fleece
Joc is in the grey sweatshirt
Easton is in the blue shirt



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