Thursday, May 19, 2016

Landon is 7 months old!

As everyone says--time sure flies when you are having fun! Landon turned 7 months last week!

He is an extremely busy little guy! We can't take our eyes off him for two seconds otherwise he is dumping out the dog water, climbing up the stairs, playing with knick knacks, or playing in the trash cans! Fun times! It has taken a while to get back into the swing of things of having a little guy around our house, but so far, so good!

Some new tricks he has is that he is almost standing on his own! He is also walking around the furniture, so he may be our earliest walker. For the sake of his knees, I hope he walks soon, because we plan on spending a lot of time at the pool this summer! I have a feeling he will love it, because he loves water! I can't wait! I got his little raft and lifejacket all ready to go!

He doesn't have any teeth yet, as he is following in his sister Jocelyn's footsteps! She only had 4 teeth when she turned 2! So far he loves every food that we have fed him. His favorite is when Jocelyn shares her banana with him. He also likes ice cream and gets mad when it is all gone.

He is a pretty easy going baby! Everyone always asks us if he cries. He will rarely cry when we are out in public. He loves being out and about...and loves the outdoors! We needed an easy baby since we wag him along wherever we go. Sometimes he hangs out in his stroller for 3 hours while we shoot archery tournaments...and doesn't make a peep...he just watches on!

He loves, loves his people...especially his sissies and daddy. He visited Sean at work for the second time last week, and spent an hour there without me. He just snuggled up and fell asleep. He also loves me so much he misses me at nights and wakes up several times to visit. We did have one good night, so I know he can make it all night! I can't wait to have my nights back! I drag most days! Here are a few pics of him throughout the last few weeks!

I have to contain him when I work out...
Joc taking a break from shooting to get a selfie!
My giggle boy!
His first bike ride!
Mother's Day!
Containment so I can get ready!
Celebrating a full nights sleep with donuts!
Big sissies are the best!
We do have furniture, I promise!
My homemade gate didn't work
Practicing walking.
He loves music!
Hanging out at a tournament...I forgot toys...
Trying to squeeze thru
He loves showers!



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