Sunday, May 15, 2016

Spring Co-op recap!

Our 3rd full year of homeschool co-op came to a close a few weeks ago! Amazing to think we have been here for 3 full school years already! Boy how time flies when you are having fun! This Spring we had another great group of kids, teachers, and classes that were offered. We had 70 kids and 21 families participate! I so wish I could have sat in on all of the classes and learn right along with thr kids. Since I coordinate the co-op, I typically do not teach a class, because there are a lot of behind the scenes things going only, but thos semester I helped teach a Tall Tales class. I only had the first hour off so I wasn't able to capture as many pictures as I would have liked. Here is a brief overview of a few of the kids classes! We had theme days--so you may see a few different looks-like crazy hair or jammies!

Weston took a music/art combo class and then a desert life class. He did quite a few fun projects in each and learned a lot.

Easton took a Botany and a Tall Tales class. In the Botany class he learned quite a bit about plants, flowers, and growing things. I helped teach the Tall Tales class.
Johnny Appleseed activity
Easton making a greenhouse
Easton making Babe the Blue ox in tall tales


The girls took Art Techniques and Nebraska History. They absolutely loved both classes!

A few displays from the NE history class

After the co-op was complete, we had a program. The kids all had a part either singing or speaking.


Now for a short break before we start planning away for the fall!! Can't wait!


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