Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Let it grow, Let it grow, Let it grow!

I have never been a gardener. I love planting flowers (that you just have to stick in the ground), but they always usually die on me during the summer. Growing up, the only successful thing I remember planting was a sunflower seed in our front yard and watching it grow 6 feet. Last year I attempted to plant tomatoes, watermelons, strawberries, and pumpkins. Nothing grew.

So this is a new year and even though I am still clueless on gardening I am trying this gardening thing again. I got a few pointers from some friends. Se
an cleared out a really nice area for me and I started planting away. Sean planted some tomato plants and I planted rows of lettuce, green beans, watermelon, carrots, pumpkins, and cantaloupe. The girls, neighborhood kids, and I all planted sunflowers along the edges of our woods. I labeled everything with pretty little popsicle sticks so I can keep track. I have water the garden diligently when it hasn't rained and guess what....things appear to be GROWING!!! Ok, I am having a really hard time distinguishing between what are weeds and what is supposed to grow...a really hard time...so many little green things growing up. I know for sure my lettuce is growing...there are two little rows of sprouts. My green beans also appear to be growing. So I will keep you posted if we have any success this year...I believe we are off to a semi-good start...if only I keep remembering to water them!:)

Oh and the strawberries...something that I would absolutely LOVE the grow...I am going to a farm next week to pick some with the kids...no need to waste my
time growing those. Here are some pictures of the process so far! See our row of lettuce!!

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