Monday, May 10, 2010

Our first camping trip of the year!

We have been talking about doing this for the past 4 years and we finally did it-- camped in our back yard! Sean and I both love camping and are hoping that our kids will enjoy doing it as well. My girls like spending time camping in my parents RV-- but according to my husband-- that isn't real camping:) Sean spent all morning mowing and getting our wooded area ready to set up camp. He made a real nice bonfire as well. We enjoyed roasting hot dogs and smores! After the kiddos went to bed, Sean and I sat by the fire and watched a movie on his laptop. my goal was to make it through the entire night in the tent. Back in the fall when we were camping at Pawnee State Park about 15 minutes from our house, Easton and I left at 3AM. He would not sleep...therefore I could not sleep. I love waking up in the tent with the morning sunshine hitting my this time I was going to make it through the night. That didn't quiet happen. Easton woke up at 1:00AM. He is normally a really good sleeper, however he wasn't having it that night. I tried to hold him and have him sleep with us. He still wasn't having it. Every time a cow mooed he would look around thinking he could find it. So I gave up and we went inside. He still wouldn't fall asleep. I decided to try putting some orajel in his mouth-- always a cure to get a baby to sleep-- and noticed his gums were bleeding and two teeth were breaking through. Poor little guy! So at 2:00AM we finally went to bed--at home! The girls and Sean made it through the night!:)

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  1. How fun!!!! Sorry about you and Easton not getting a good night's sleep though! Hope he is doing better.