Monday, May 24, 2010

So how did the garage sale go?

I have gotten quiet a few questions from friends about how the garage sale I just thought I would blog about it!:)We were all geared up to open on Thursday morning. That didn't quiet happen as planned. It rained, and rained, and rained.... There was no way we could even open up the garage because it was jammed packed with donations. We did have quiet a few people come by with their lists and we helped them as best as we could. At 2pm, the rain turned into a drizzle and her dad bought a second tent. We opened up sale for a few hours and had a steady stream of traffic right away. Thursday wasn't quiet what we were hoping for, but we made a few sales.On Friday and Saturday we had a steady stream of people the entire time we were open. There was never a lull. We sold most of the baked goodies and quiet a few raffle tickets. We did sell most of our higher priced items...and most of our large items. We still have a few really nice items left that we are going to list on ebay soon, so we do not have a exact total. Right now we have made 1/4 of our goal. The leftover clothes were taken to a local churches clothing drive and the household goods were taken to various local charities.Our raffle is still going on and the drawing will take place on May 31st. If you would like to purchase some tickets please e-mail me. The details are in the previous post. An IT guy is working on setting up our silent auction. We set aside some other donations to silent auction off. I can guarantee that they will be worth bidding is a sneak peak of just one of the items! For those of you that donated to the sale, shopped, or have e-mailed me about buying raffle tickets-- the Sedlacek family is extremely grateful and thanks you!

Sneak peak of one of the wonderful silent auction items: (Thanks Brandy Brown from **Please note...the little girl is not for sale-- it is the dress and headband that Brandy made**:)

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  1. adorable. I'm glad you had a good turnout. I really wanted to come :S