Sunday, May 2, 2010

Easton is walking and more!

Well Easton has passed the 13 month mark and has started taking a few steps here and there during the past few weeks. His preferred mode of transportation is still crawling, but here is a video of him walking a bit! (Videotaped Sunday, May 2nd, 2010)

Katelyn can be sweet when she wants to be. Today we thought that she was at our neighbors house with her sissy....she came in about 20 minutes after she was supposed to be gone telling me she made a mess. I was thinking she had an accident or pulled all of our plants worse...she had cleaned her trike and Jocelyn's bike with some of Sean's silicone based tire cleaning stuff. Lovely! She did a good job with cleaning them, but yikes, what a mess. She was sweet about it though-- apologized and asked her daddy if he could buy her some cleaning stuff so she can clean her bike.

Wants to be 9 years old really bad. Really, really bad. Sometimes I really think she thinks she is 9. She has some older friends that she hangs out with here at the house. They play with her, but since she is younger they don't include her in everything. Both of their houses are up for sale, so we are praying that someone will move in with some nice kids that are the same ages as ours.

So before Sean and I met, Sean was an advid cyclist. He invested quiet a bit of time and money getting his bike all geared up for riding. He would ride 15-20 miles every night....then he met me--well that is at least the excuse he gives:) I guess he wanted to spend time with me...and then we got married...he had a personal chef...then we had kids...then we moved away from nice bike paths...and the rest is history. Today however is a new day! He got his bike out and dusted it off. Cleaned out his water bottles--filled with 5 year old water--yuck! He ordered new tires and will soon be good to go-- biking on some Lincoln trails. I am so excited for him!

Nothing new to report. Just getting fatter and fatter....ok I have a good reason. I am 11 weeks along...I think that since this is my 4th baby I am gaining more weight earlier...or maybe it is because I am eating more. My first Dr.'s appointment isn't until May 21st. I am always a little nervous about the first appointment as he will try to find the heartbeat. When I got pregnant after Jocelyn he couldn't find a heartbeat on that baby--total devastation. I just pray that everything is going well this time around. Other than that....our school year has been winding down slowly. We have been enjoying the outdoors! Since I won't have a newborn this summer my goal is to spend more time with friends! We are always up for play dates and having people over!

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