Thursday, September 9, 2010


Something that I aspire to do one of these days is to learn how to make really pretty know the ones with fondant that you see on tv....I am addicted to watching cake shows! It is my guilty pleasure in the evenings when I sit down and relax. Probably drives Sean crazy, but these cake people do some amazing things with cakes. Anyways, I took a 2 hour cake class this past fall through our community college and learned a few tricks. I would love to take a real Wilton class from Hobby Lobby or Michael's, but that is a huge evening time commitment, so one of these days when the kids are older, hopefully I can do that. Here is a little sneak peak at my attempts to make pretty cakes...."attempt is the key word in that sentence".

Jocelyn's 4th birthday cake-- I baked...Sean decorated! He did such a great job!
The inside of the bottom layer of the cake-- Jocelyn wanted rainbow!My first attempt at a rainbow cake for Katelyn's 2nd birthday! It turned out!Easton just plain didn't care-- or didn't even know it was his birthday, so he got a simple confetti cake.
My in-laws bought the girls a Hello Kitty cake for their 3rd & 5th birthdays...and a really cute mini-cake for Easton. I did not get good pictures of the cake...bummer...but Katelyn wanted to use the same accessories from that cake on her cake here at home. She also wanted a pink and purple cake inside.

Jocelyn wanted a beach themed cake for her 5th birthday... so I used her Polly Pockets and a few things that Sean picked out at Michael's Craft store.

The cake was soooooo yummy! The frosting was to die for! I made this cake in my cake decorating class!

There you have it...I am not very good, but who doesn't love a good cake!

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  1. they look good to me. I love the rainbow cake - how do you do that? food coloring?