Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Dora....am I crazy or what?

A few years ago, I was a dedicated parent.  I was only a few weeks pregnant with Easton and I had all of the motivation in the world to STAND IN LINE IN THE HEAT FOR 90 MINUTES just so my two little girls could meet Dora....in the end Jocelyn was scared to death and I had to hold her and force her to smile in the picture.  Katelyn loved her.  So last night I got an e-mail from our zoo that Dora would be appearing for 1 hour for pictures.  I was thinking maybe no one knew about this event and with a little bribery, maybe Jocelyn would be interested in meeting her again.  She agreed and when we got there and got the very last parking spot in the lot, I knew we were too late.  The lady at the gate, confirmed we could no longer stand in line because it was already too long, but we could see her from a distance, so I assured them, we would ride the train instead and that made them happy for a few minutes until we found out it was broke.  So we took a walk through the zoo and saw Dora from a distance.  Got a free tattoo and sticker...and then rode the ponies.  In the end I think they were happy.  I guess the next time I think that maybe no one else will know about the event, I should think twice because apparently Dora is still a popular character.

Dora two years ago
Dora now-- she has lost quiet a bit of weight...not impressed...I like the fluffier version better
Happy at last on Butch the horse...yes we waited to ride that particular one...seems to be everyones favorite...poor other horse was bored.

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