Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Summer has come to an end...

With the Labor Day weekend over, summer (in my book) has officially come to an end.  It went by so fast, but overall our family had a great summer.  We did quiet a few things, as next year we will have another little baby in tow, so who knows how much we will do compared to this summer.  I like being busy, but am glad that things will calm down, and we can get back into a regular schedule.  I started Kindergarten and preschool with Jocelyn and Katelyn a few weeks ago and we just got back from our last vacation today.  The girls activities (swimming for J & gymnastics for K) start next Monday and MOPS starts this Friday.  I can't wait to just be back into a routine.  I also started doing water aerobics--after a 5 year break-- and that is so refreshing...even though Easton still cries for an hour and a half straight in the nursery at the Y...it is still refreshing to get a little break from the kids. In June, I posted my summer bucket list.  I revisited this list and I had only three things that didn't get checked off.  Not to blame others..but two were out of my control (a day by myself and hanging up a swing) and one...going to the State Fair was just bad timing since we went to Missouri instead. 

  Sean and the kids at the lake

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