Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Milestones with our kids...I worry too much!

If you are a parent there are different milestones in our child’s young life that we look forward to and there are different ones that we dread.  I always hear...I can’t wait for my child to crawl, walk, sleep through the night etc.  It is always nice when our child achieves those milestones.  Some things though, at least for me, are things that I dread even starting because I do not know how the child will respond.  I fear the worst that they will be difficult and not accept this new milestone that I am forcing them to achieve.  More specifically I am talking about moving from a crib to a big bed, taking away a pacifier, and potty training.  These three things I think about often with each of our kids.  Jocelyn accepted all three of these things without incident.  I worried…she obviously didn’t care about having to switch beds, or all of a sudden losing her binky.  Granted potty training took some time, but she is 5 and has been fully potty trained for a few years now.  Katelyn did not like the idea of moving into a big bed with her sissy.  She cried and cried and I tried sleeping up there and she would do checks on me to see if I was still there...some long nights.  We decided after a few nights that it just wouldn’t work and we tried again the next month and she did just fine.  Saying good-bye to her binky and potty training went on without problems…even though I worried…she was not.   So now we are on #3, Easton.  Big bed!  I was worried that he wouldn’t like it…he was not.  He so far has loved his new bed.  He curls right up and lays down.  I made him a new fleece blanket for him to snuggle up with and he still enjoys his binky at night.  He has only refused to take one nap for me…but stayed pretty quiet in his room…2 ½ hours later I went up to check on him and he went through all of his toys and things in his closet.  His floor was covered with stuff.  Since then, he has been just fine.  Next step:  his binky.  I am worried…as usual.  Will things go as smoothly as they did with my girls?  He hates the car and it seems to help a bit when we are driving.  I need to try though…maybe next week…maybe the following week.  Time is ticking though and we have less than two months to go!  My goal is to not have two little ones with binky’s…that is my goal.  I am sure things will end up just fine…but I still worry.

Easton in his toddler bed...with his binky!

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  1. He is so cute in his bed! We tried Tristan once in his convertible toddler bed and it didn't work; he kept getting up and screaming in his room (or worse, coming to our room and scaring the daylights out of me). So we had to wait a month or two and try again - then he did great.
    He sucks his thumb so I don't know how to stop that even but I'm not worried, he's still little.
    Isaac's pacifier...I'm hoping that around 2 years old I will be able to just take it away? We'll see.