Friday, October 22, 2010

Major decorating help needed!

I do not have an eye for decorating...yes I am a demonstrator for Uppercase Living and I think I do a good job with that, but as far as knick-knacks and centerpieces...that is not my specialty.  I have been struggling this past week with figuring out what type of centerpiece to put on our table.  Sean is a very good at decorating, but he has been busy traveling and I am trying to wing this one on my own.  He suggested to buy a vase and put some sort of flower arrangement in it, but I don't want something to tall that I can't see the kids while we are sitting at the table.  I also don't want to move something every time we are eating.  So here is what I came up with so far.  I metal rod iron basket, some ceramic-porcelain type fruit, and grapes.  I also bought a table runner that was a bit too big, so I cut it to length and sewed it. 
Please be honest...what do you think...I think it kind of looks blah!  Maybe I am wrong or maybe I am right.  Any suggestions?  Send me any pictures of links you might see online of nice centerpiece ideas or something I could do to spice up the table a bit...or if you can't find a link...just tell me what you think I should add/take off or change all together...thanks!!:)


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  1. I like that a lot. Maybe add a candle (even if you don't light it) on either side.