Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Roca Berry Farm in the Fall!

Last fall was our first visit to Roca Berry Farm.   We had such a good time that the girls talked about it all year.  There are so many activities for the kids to do and they go away picking out a pumpkin (included in the cost of the admission).  I couldn't wait to go and neither could the girls.  Last year we went when it was freezing cold, so this year my goal was to go when the weather was still nice and I while I was still able to walk around and keep up with the kids as they ran around and played.  Lots of pictures to share from our day...and we snuck in this last trip before Jocelyn's chicken pox really broke out!
Farmers Katelyn and Jocelyn

Can almost reach the bunny rabbit
Trying to climb the fence to play with the pigs
Just a bit too small, but tried anyways
Playing in the hay
Getting ready to jump and go bang
Riding the tractor
This might be the closest we get to seeing Snow White for a while
The petting zoo...Easton was SOOOO excited he just chased the animals around
A view of a portion of the much to little energy (from me)
Easton picking out a pumpkin and then throwing it..he is strong!
Jocelyn's pumpkin
Katelyn trying to find the perfect pumpkin
The kids at the end of the morning

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