Monday, October 4, 2010

Uppercase Living- Vinyl Expression Giveaway!

 If you haven't heard of Uppercase are missing out!  Uppercase Living vinyl expressions are an easy way to decorate your home, office, business, car...basically any flat surface.  We have over 30 colors to choose from and hundreds of pre-designed expressions.  Not all of our expressions are word sayings...many are simply just pictures.  You can also design your own saying using our My Design Suite.  I have been a demonstrator for Uppercase Living since April of 2008.  If you have been to my home you will also notice that I am addicted...I don't think I have over done it and not every room of our house has it...well o.k.  every room has it except for 4 rooms.  It is amazing how you can transform a room with an Uppercase Living expression!

Below is a link to an old blog post of how I have used Uppercase Living in our home:  (don't forget to come back to this post to enter the contest!!!

Want to win a $25.00 gift certificate AND Free Shipping  for Uppercase Living?  Visit my website:  and comment on this blog post what your favorite expression is and where you would put it.  

Want to have more than one chance to win?

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**Other details before you enter away: 
****This contest will end on Thursday, October 7th at 9pm (CST).  
****You must use this gift certificate by Monday, October have in mind how you will spend it and e-mail me your selection.
****Please include your e-mail address in your entry (comment) so I can contact you if you won. 
****Winner will be selected by

If you don't win....for those of you who read this blog post and still want to purchase something...e-mail me your order by Monday, October 11th and I will still give you FREE shipping and take 10% off your entire order!!!

Questions?  E-mail me:
Enter away!!


  1. I just repainted our walls and I had to pull up our 'Home Sweet Home' expression- I loved it! So I'd love a replacement- or something similar!!

  2. I'm already a follower!! Doesn't that sound creepy?!? I'm stalking you!!

  3. Oh good heavens! Guess Megan really wants it! =) Looks like you have some posts to go on! Yeepie! I'd choose one of the Scriptures and put it up in our living room area.
    Look at you Mrs. Giveaway Queen!

  4. I am already a follower :) Yeah that does sound creepy. I love the scripture ones and would love to put one in our bedroom.

  5. A current follower and I did post on FB! And I would love the vintage chandelier in black to go in my kitchen. :)

  6. Rebecca-- follower-- entry

  7. Reece-- follower entry

  8. Reece--post on FB

  9. Rebecca--post on FB

  10. I love the Art blows the dust off the soul one. I would put that up in a cheery bright inspirational color in my Scrapbook room. I also like the one A Princess Sleeps here, but pretty sure Troy may not appreciate that in our room!

  11. I now follow giggles and gumballs!

  12. I posted a link and made a comment on twitter!

  13. I would loke the 'bless this home with love and laughter' for our front door

  14. I like SO many of them that I can tell it would be hard to choose...BUT I would definitely get the 'Family' scroll to put on the wall amongst our family photos.