Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Fall Leaf Craft!

So my motivation is getting kind of low right now to be creative and make messes with the kids.  Just trying to keep the house clean in case we leave at any moment, as I would hate to come home to a house with a new baby and then have to clean.  Anyways, before all of the leaves turn brown, crunchy, and ugly, we went out and picked out two leaves...yes only two...it was chilly outside and we still had our pajamas on...anyways...we had a discussion about the colors of the leaves and symmetry.  Katelyn also worked on tracing as she is still getting a hang of writing.  We then cut the leaf in half, glued in on a piece of construction paper and then the girls colored the other half.  I know....corny, but it makes for a nice decoration for our patio window...and it didn't make a huge mess!:)

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