Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Patiently waiting...

So we are patiently waiting at my parent's house in Omaha for this baby boy to make his grand arrival. It is ok here, but it just isn't our home. The kids are a bit more rambunctious and our schedule is a little bit different since the girls wake up extremely early because of the morning noise of grandma getting ready for work and the dogs fighting and barking. School has been hard and Jocelyn has magically forgotten how to read. Frustrating. Our Dr. suggested that we are closer to the hospital this time around due to the position of the baby. I went to see him today and nothing is really progressing. I know some people have been critical of me going so often to the dr...every week now..but I am just the type of person that wants to be in the know. Part of me just wants to go back and wait at home, because I know this is hard on Sean being away from home as well, but I just want to be safe than sorry. Plus the weather scares me a bit and traveling on the interstate...constant accidents and closures. So we pray that this baby will come soon so we can move on...please pray for an uneventful delivery...and an easy one..I definitely don't want to have a post delivery like Eastons. My official due date is on Sunday....I know that means absolutely nothing...

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