Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I am thankful for...

This year I am thankful for....
1.        For my faith in the Lord Jesus Christ in my life and thankful that he is always there for  my family and I.
2.       My wonderful husband who has worked hard to provide for our family.  Who is always there when we need him.  Who comes home after a long day of work and has enough energy left to play with the kids...when my energy level is drained.
3.       My kids who mean everything to me.
4.       My parents who try to help out when they can even though they are busy.
5.       Sean's family who has opened there homes and hearts to us.
6.       Our church family who provides encouragement for our family.
7.       Friends who like to go out and do things during the day despite having 3 (and soon 4) kids in tow.
8.       Friends who provide encouragement as we go through the mommy, child raising journey together.
9.       Being able to teach my children about Christ.
10.   Having a roof over our heads, clothing, and a way to feed our family.
11.   Facebook..ok I know you are thinking...seriously...but on some days it makes me feel a part of things, especially if the kids are in quarantine for 3 weeks or I am having a rough day, I know there are friends and family on Facebook that are maybe going through the same I have actually gotten to know some friends better from Facebook.
12.   People who don't balk about driving 15 minutes, 30 minutes, or an hour or more to come hang out.  We have appreciated the company of those who have come out to visit.  Always seems like we are on the road and it is nice to stay put sometimes.
13.   That I am able and willing to stay at home with our kiddos.  The days are long and often times exhausting and overwhelming, but we have decided that it the best choice for us to maintain peace and calm for our family.
14.   That the state of Nebraska allows families to homeschool their own kids without very many restrictions.  I am thankful that we are able to choose this option at this time.
15.   For this blog...I really didn't know if I would keep at it with updates, but it is a way to maybe bring unsaved family members and friends to learn about the Lord Jesus Christ through various posts...before it is too late...was just reminded at Bible study the other night that Lord will come some a thief in the night...where will you be going?
16.   Patience…from my husband, parents, and kids…while we wait for this baby to decide that it would like to come.

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