Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Let it snow!

It snowed quiet a bit last week...however I was THAT mom who didn't take their kids out in the snow. because it is a lot of work getting them all dressed and I didn't want to freeze.  Yes, I regretted it the next day as the weather turned quiet frigid. So my husband called me from work yesterday and said if I wanted to take the kids out...it was the day.  I think he said it was 40 degrees.  Sure felt nice, but by the time I napped the 2 middle kids and got Weston down for a nap the snow was melting and our yard was pretty muddy...but we had a good time.  Easton loved sledding with me and the girls loved going together on the sled.  We have a pretty good sledding hill in our backyard as long as you can stop and not hit a tree or go into the creek.  The girls then went to the neighbors house and built a snowman...and as the sun started to set, they froze and whined about it.  Thank goodness for hot chocolate to warm them up!

During my day of feeling bad about not taking the kids out...we made paper snowmen instead...close enough..isn't it??

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  1. Aww, I'm jealous. I grew up in Colorado and am now living in Texas and sometimes I MISS SNOW!