Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year's Resolutions!

At church yesterday we were asked if we had any New Year's Resolutions that we wanted to share.  Only one person raised there it was not me.  I am thinking that more people had goals that they wanted to accomplish for the New Year, but no one wanted to share.  It is a new year and in a sense a good time to start something new and make a fresh start if you are struggling with something.  I have had the same goal since February 2010...however since I was pregnant I really felt my goal needed to be put on hold, so next week when Weston hits 6 weeks old, my goal will begin...yes the typical you hear from almost everyone...ever year...I am going get in shape and hit the gym and things we have around the house.  I am super excited, but not quiet sure what my master plan will be.  I really want to start swimming laps.  I really want to master our Wii...if it will stop freezing on us.   I really want to do the Shred DVD again...I had a lot of success after I had Easton.  I really want to do water aerobics again.  I really want to get our on our bike...that just sits there.  

My other goal will be to cut down on pop consumption.  We really don't buy pop here, but when we go out...I tend to drink a lot of pop.  My goal is to just drink water. 

My last goal is to cut down on eating chocolate.  Cut down...not eliminate.  I love chocolate and making goodies for our this may be kind of hard, but that is my goal.
So we will see how this goes.  If I can't do it by myself I am hoping to do a small group training program in the spring at the YMCA...I missed the boat on joining it for this first session, so we will see.

So I will keep everyone posted on my New Year's Resolution...Sean wants me to be down to 128...(ok he was only kidding I hope).  My goal is to be down to at least 150...hopefully lower:)
Happy New Years!!!!

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