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My new have got to read this....

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I am writing this post because I have fallen in love.  Ok....I am not talking about my kids or my husband.  I am talking about a new love in my life....if that word is too strong...I am talking about something I really, really like.  Is that better?

I first heard about Norwext last summer.  I attended an at home party of a close friend.  Unfortunately I was the only one in attendance and I didn't fully understand how the product worked after I had left.  Maybe it was my fault that I didn't ask a lot of questions.  The Norwex gal was newer with the company, so maybe she just didn't know.  Anyways, to make a long story short.  I bought a few of their more popular items.  I had no clue how to use them.  My husband made me throw one of them away and that was the end of the story.  

Fast forward a bit.  A week after my husband made me throw away one of the items I bought...I was a bit bummed...but totally understood why he made me....another friend invited me to another Norwex party.  She guaranteed that this gal knew her stuff and I would be amazed at how well the product worked.  Believe you me....if I didn't already have a full-time job of raising 4 kiddos, homeschooling, and a traveling husband, I would be selling this stuff.

So what is Norwex? Why did my husband make me throw away part of my first purchase? Why do I like it so much?

Norwex is a line of cleaning products like towels, rags, scrub brushes, mops etc.  Boring I know...but read on.  You will fall in love as I did.

Norwex: (straight from their catalog in bold)

-Saves your health-- with products, you don't breathe, touch or ingest harmful chemicals.  You simply use water and create a cleaner, healthier personal environment.

Yep--- I just use water to clean...except in my toilet bowls.  I was talking during that part of the presentation....oops.  Norwex has something separate for toilets.  No more special granite cleaner.  No more windex for our glass. No more yucky vinegar & water odors (or bleach...if you use that).  No more special stone cleaners.  No more pinesol for the floors.  No more swiffer spray and pads.  No more 409.  No more Pledge for dusting.  Nope.  Nothing.  Nada.  No more sprays...except toilet bowl cleaner. 

-Saves time-- Norwex products decrease cleaning time by 75% or more.

Believe you me, I do not have a lot of extra time.   By the time I am done teaching the kiddos, working out, and taking a shower we are hitting almost husband coming home time.  Norwex has saved me a ton of time.  I don't have to wait for sprays to set.  I don't have to take the time to even spray anything.  I don't have to go to where I store my little caddy full of sprays...that is now gathering dust.  Oh wait, I am 100% confident in my girls cleaning!  Woohoo! (with the exception of the toilet cleaner)

-Saves money-- An average household spends $600-$800 a year on chemical cleaning products and supplies.  By using Norwex  products you can realize up to a 90% savings!

The prices for their products are bit higher than going to Wal-mart to purchase a mop or a towel...however in the grand scheme of things, if you take care of the products like the directions say...they will last a long, long time.  You will not be spending the extras for all of your home cleaners or extra paper towels.

Why is Norwex different from products in the store?
Norwex is made of fine, fine, fine microfibers and silver.  The silver traps bacteria from your counters, windows, floors etc and suffocates them.  Research what silver is fascinating.  

What I use:

I honestly could have purchased 99.9% of the items that Norwex sells....however that would make for a really unhappy husband.  I don't get it though...doesn't he want a clean home??  So I purchased the most popular items that I have found very useful for our home.  I will share a little bit about how they have helped me!

These first two items are at a minimum of what will help you around the house.

Enviro cloth-- This is the basic, must have product from Norwex.  This is also the item that I really did like, however my husband made me throw it away.  It turns out that you can not wash it with other towels or clothes.  Oops.  It just clogs up the towel and then makes it all nasty and smelly.  I had no clue. Now that I have been educated on proper washing techniques, my husband graciously allowed me to purchase 2 new ones.  One to clean all of our bathrooms and mirrors and another solely for our kitchen table.  Again, I just use water on all our surfaces and this cloth goes to work.  It is amazing.
Enviro cloth (green) and polishing cloth (purple)
 Wanna hear something can technically go from cleaning around your toilets and then clean your kitchen counters and the nastiness does NOT transfer.  True story.  But psychological, people just wouldn't do such a thing.

On my granite, I used special granite spray and a paper towel (per the bottles container) it always left the linty stuff from the paper more linty stuff!

I have also used the enviro cloth to clean our looks practically brand new now and to click up an old backpack.  Took the stains off with just water! I haven't tried it on carpet but a friend of mine was able to clean up old stains.

Window/polishing cloth--  This was another item that I bought at the first party, but had no clue how to use it.  I was using it all wrong by wetting it down.  Turns out you don't have to do that at all.  After I use my enviro cloth to clean the nastiness off my windows, tables, and mirrors I follow up with this cloth.  Let me tell you I have never seen my bathroom granite so shiny and my mirrors so clean.  It is craziness. 

Dusting mit-- I also didn't get this at first....but now I do.  I like wood furniture shiny.  The dusting mit picked up all of my dust just fine...without spray, but I missed the shiny.  Duh.  My window/polishing cloth now solves that problem.  Wish I would have known.  It is so easy that my girls can now dust...and I don't have to worry about the spray going everywhere and making our floors slick.

Kitchen cloth & Towel--  I use this exclusively for our kitchen counters and the towel for drying our counters and little hands.  No more special expensive quartz cleaner for me!  Woohoo!
Dish Cloth (red), drying cloth (blue), another enviro cloth (yellow)

Dish cloth-- It is 100% nylon.  I no longer use a kitchen scrub brush.  This little towel has been great in cleaning out caked up pots and pans.  I can easily scrub a dish down.  I used to have to pull out an SOS pass for grimy more of that!

Facial cleaning towel--  I won this at the second party I attended.  I was the first to volunteer to wash off my make-up in front of my friends...and I got to take the towel home!   Since using this towel...oh my word.  I don't have that oily look on my in the afternoon...I haven't even used face wash since winning this.  Another product I don't have to buy anymore.

Superior Mop Collection--  This was a big splurge for me.  I am a cheapskate at heart.  It is taking me a bit longer to figure out how to use it, but I am learning.  I have been so used to using a broom to sweep our floors that with this mop there is a telescopic handle and you don't need to use the broom motion.  You just glide like a mop. The extra long pad can be flipped up so you don't have to clean your baseboards separately.  Most of the yucky stuff like pet, dirt, crumbs, and people hair cling onto the dry mop pad, but I still have to use a little broom for the extra rocks and larger items when I am done dry mopping.  Afterwards I just use a little plastic dog brush that I already had and clean it off on the back porch.  For mopping I wet down the wet pad and use a figure 8 motion for ample cleaning.  I have a spray bottle of water and just spray my floor and go to town.  It works really well.  No more swiffer spray for me!  That stuff is expensive.
Stock photo (mine is garage and this is a much better picture)

There are so many other products that I still have on my wish a bathroom scrub mitt that supposedly removes hard water on shower doors with a simple swipe...and I would love to try their hair turban that is supposed to removed 70% of the water in your hair within 10 minutes...would definitely save time on blowing drying and not dry my hair out so much.

If you are interested in Norwex, consider stopping by on Friday, May 10th at 7pm.  A Norwex consultant, Melissa, will be sharing more details about these wonderful products.  I will provide some yummy pinterest inspired goodies and drinks.  Come to socialize.  Come to be inspired to clean your home without the chemicals.  Come for a break from your kiddos.  Bring a friend or two or three.  E-mail me for more address details.

You can check out Melissa's facebook page and there is a link to her Norwex website under her "About" info.  Click: HERE.

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