Monday, November 25, 2013

It's a.......!!!

Boy! Ok...5 years ago...we found out we were having our first boy. Sorry mom and I am NOT pregnant. Pretty content with our little 4 kiddos. Contentment is ok...some disagree...but won't discuss that now. Anyways....when finding out what you are having, either at an ultrasound or when a baby has been delivered...many different emotions and thoughts rush through your head. Some may start thinking of decorating ideas....or picture everything blue or pink. My first thought when we found out we were having our first baby boy....YES!!! Sean has at least one future hunting buddy. Ok, yes the girls can and will go hunting...but it just isn't the same. A boy. Sean couldn't be more was I. A hunting buddy. How fun!

Well we have our little guy Easton who will turn 5 in March. He has gone out hunting for squirrels and other rodents, but this past weekend was the big day to go deer rifle hunting with dad. Easton was beyond excited...beyond. Sean took him a few miles from our house for this little adventure. It was FREEZING cold...33 degrees to be exact and pretty windy. It was all good because they were equipped with portable heaters in the deer blind.

They didn't kill anything on their first hunt, however they did see a few does and bucks.

Such good, good memories being created between the two of them!


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