Sunday, November 24, 2013

So glad we joined a co-op!

Sometimes I throw out homeschooling lingo to non-homeschooling friends and family and then realize that they have no idea what I am talking about. Sorry about that! Please ask questions when I go on and on about the new and exciting things happening as we get settled into this new little city!

Co-op! I have told quiet a few people about the fun things that our kids have been doing in this fall's co-op! No one co-op is exactly the same, but I am going to tell you about the co-op we joined.

A homeschool co-op is a group of kiddos that come together and take classes on a variety of different subjects. Typically these classes are taught by the mothers, but some times the co-op may bring in an expert in the area like a piano or dance teacher. I have researched various co-ops in Nebraska and classes can range from just for fun classes like dance, ballet, choir, legos, and games to more educational classes like Spanish, Science Experiments, Marketing, and Geography.

We joined a smaller co-op about 40 minutes Southeast of here in a small town of Stockham, NE. This fall there were around 13 families participating. The kids were grouped by grade levels and each group had anywhere from 6-13 kids in a group.

In October the moms got together to decide what the schedule would look like. Each grade group would take different 2 classes. For the preschool group the classes were music (taught by me) and young explorers. The group was a fun little group of 6 very energetic kiddos...including my two litttle guys! We had a lot of fun and made 4 different instruments...a tambourine, bell shaker, egg shakers, and clackers. At the end of the co-op they preformed a song for the group. It was so cute! In their young explorers class they did different craft projects and learned about pumpkins.

A few of the preschool crafts!
The musical instruments my kiddos made!

For the K-3rd grade group (my two girls were in this one) they took a Science Experiment class that focused on science experiments involving the human body. Their favorite thing was disecting a cow eye. They also took a creative writing and speech class. They learned about 5 different National landmarks and worked on writing different things such as letters to friends. They also had to memorize a poem and recite it in front of the group.

K-3rd grade projects!


The 4th-6th grade group worked on a puppet show about David and Goliath and took a games and more class. I helped out with the games and more class and it was a blast.

Our 4-6th grade group playing a game!

The 7th-12th graders took an art class and a Marketing class. They developed a business plan and actually made products for their new business. We had the opportunity to buy these products as well. I really thought that was a neat class. If I wasn't in the process of a crazy move while the classes were being decided I would have liked to help with this group, since I used to teach the exact same thing to high schoolers in the public school system.

A sign business that a 7th grader started!
A card, babysitting service, and bracelet shop were other businesses that were sprung!
A bakery and taco seasoning were the other two businesses!
7-12th grade art projects!

On the final day of our fall co-op we had a short program for presentations and enjoyed a turkey pot luck meal. Love this new group and blessed to have some new local friends!

Fall fun!
A few of the girls' new friends!
A few of the boys' new friends...gotta keep the occupied while we clean up!




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