Monday, November 18, 2013

Randoms from the big city of GI and beyond!

Sorry for my lack of blog posts. I know at least one dedicated reader (my mom) counts on me writing. Unfortunately I haven't been taking pictures like crazy and most of my pictures have been posted on facebook. We have been busy, but I guess my camera has been set aside lately. I will try to do

Everytime I run into someone new in Grand Island their typical response is there is nothing to do here. Hmmm....yes the activities are pretty slim compared to bigger cities like Omaha and Lincoln....but I am kind of overwhelmed with how much there IS to do. I can't wait to start checking things off our list of things to do. If we wanted to be busy doing something every day....we could definitely do that. However, I have limited our activities to 3 days a week. We might add another activity in 2014...we will see.

In the last month I have met quiet a few new moms and the kids have made quiet a few new friends. I really didn't think we would click so fast with new that has been kind of nice.

We have our house all geared up for our first get together with my dads side of the family. I am super excited to be cooking for everyone and hosting. Weston turns 3 on Thanksgiving Day so I am making a cake for this event. If you know me, I have been obsessing over it just a little bit for a few months. Sean is planning on adding his own personal...kind of mortifying touch to the stay tuned.

Here is a little picture recap of the past 2 weeks!

We attended the Space Explorers program at the Edgerton Science Center in Aurora. I would highly, highly recommend going to the museum if you have school age kids. Here Katelyn made a actually worked.

Jocelyn playing the flight simulator
The boys enjoyed the museum too!

The kids enjoy playing outside. They have met a few neighbor kids. The boys miss the dirt at our old house. The other day Wes told me that he was going outside to find some is a picture of him hunting for some.

The girls watched there co-op teacher dissect a cow eye. We were lucky enough to receive one to dissect at home. We got all prepared and then I realized I had none if the instruments to actually make this dissection happen. Darn. Jocelyn tried really hard to cut away with a sharp kitchen knife, but the smell was overwhelming. This activity lasted approximately 3 minutes.

We have gotten out our art supplies again....the kids were so excited because we have had them put away for some time now. I painted the kids feet and they made turkeys.

We discovered a Y about 30 minutes south of here. The girls had a ton of fun going down the slides. We can't wait to go back. This Y is full of fun activities to do with the kids like a huge play area and miniature golf.

I got my sewing machine fixed a few months ago and dusted it off the other day. So much fun to sew a few things with the girls. We sewed up a few decorative pillows for their room. It seems like we have a new pet as well. Every time we look out this window during the day he is there. Kind of fun!

And last, please keep in your prayers both of my grandma's. They are both in pretty bad health. More specifically my grandma B (my mom's mom) stopped eating and drinking this past weekend, however ate a bite on Sunday. She had a stroke back in 2001 and has had quiet a few set backs since then. I have a bit of peace because I truly believe she was saved. She was a bit weird...I won't go into details...before she had her stroke, however the last time my mom and I visited her she was attending a Bible church and reading the Bible. She was surrounded by other believers as well. Unfortunately that was the last time we visited before she had her stroke. Lots of years of sharing the gospel with her hopefully sunk in.


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