Monday, October 20, 2014

Fall 2014 photos

Each season (spring and fall) I try to go out and take photos of the kiddos.  I love when everything is blooming in the spring and everything is changing colors in the fall.  I have one week left here in Nebraska before we head to warmer weather, so I was kind of in a time crunch to get them done this year. 

The kids (and I) woke up fairly grouchy...shirts and shoes didn't fit properly,  jeans that were stained or too big, hair that wasn't cooperating, teeth that didn't look right because they were growing too slow for a certain 9 year name it...we had that problem.  We got out an hour later than I had anticipated and the sun was in the wrong spot for my low level of expertise.  The geese and ducks at the pond didn't help with the attention span of the kids either.

So here is what I got!  Boy what a difference a year makes!

Happy Fall Ya'll:)  (saw that on a sign yesterday and thought it was cute)

Jocelyn: age 9

Katelyn: age 7
Easton: age 5
Weston:  Age 3
A group shot was pretty much a hopeless cause-- but I tried!

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