Thursday, October 16, 2014

Market to Market 2014!!!

79.2 miles. 8 mother runners. 1 van. Sparkling our way from Omaha to Lincoln via country roads and trails...oh how much fun we had!!

This was the second year as a captain for a Market to Market relay team. Last year I entered the lottery and my name was selected! I was so excited and quickly formed a team of some of my running friends. Over 500 teams participate in this fun filled weekend. You can have teams of 5-8. There are 21 legs and each runner has to run at a minimum of 5.7 miles total up to 12.8 miles or more depending on how many people you have on your team.

Our day started bright and early at 4am in Omaha. We dropped off our first runner, Val, at Memorial park in Omaha at 5:20am and went on our way. It was pitch black for the first two legs, so our runners had to wear night gear. It was also freezing cold!!

By our 3rd and 4th leg the sun was starting to peak out and by the afternoon it was a perfect running day!

Last year, I did not do to great with my legs. I did not train properly because I had a bum knee. We were in the middle of a move and most importantly I did not fuel properly the day of the race. Driving all day from leg to leg wiped me out. I did ok on my first leg and hit a brick wall on my second leg. I was sooooo disappointed...and dwelled on that second run for an entire year. I WAS determined to redeem myself. We have a treadmill now so I trained on that. My knee feels a ton better. I fueled and ate like crazy the day of the race...and we had a driving schedule to relieve me of my driving duties.

I am happy to say...even though I am slower than the average runner, I rocked both of my legs! I passed one girl on my first run and was determined to at least pass another on my second leg. Well guess what I came across the same girl as my first leg that I passed! Haha...I was going to get her again...but instead I ran with her for the last 1/2 mile and we had a great chat. We kept each other going and I challenged her to a sprint to the end...she declined, but she was such an encouragment. So technically I did pass her, but I won't count it in my book:)

Our team took 13 hours and 11 minutes to run the race! I predicted 13 hours and 10 minutes so I was off by a minute. It was a contest to win registration for next year, so I was bummed I was a bit off.

I love this race...and will not be running it next year...I will still have a team in my name...but am taking "driving".:)

Here are a few pics from our day!

Thanks to a few of my team mates for a few of these pics!

Me pretending I am running right before my first leg!
Taking off for my first leg.
Passing off the timer after the first leg
Chris waiting for her 3rd leg
I decorated our van before our team met up!
Thank you Erin, Kaci, Chris, Donna, Renee, Charlene, and Val for the memories of another great race!



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