Thursday, November 6, 2014

Back from our cruise!

My sister and I just got back this morning from our first cruise. I am still in Tampa, but should be home by Sunday!! Yay! I miss my husband! A lot.

I have always wanted to go on a cruise...or somewhere tropical outside of the mainland I saved a few dollars and off we went.

I will post a few different posts about our cruise.

We went on the Carnival Paradise

Our port was in Tampa and we stopped at two different islands. The first being Grand Cayman Islands. We reserved two spots to go swimming with the stingrays. I was soooo excited for this and I could hardly wait. The night before our excursion we got a memo statung that our excursion was cancelled due to inclement weather. They cancelled all of the water based activities due to strong winds. So we took a tour of Grand Cayman instead.

The tour was lovely. We visited a turtle farm where we got to hold a turtle.

We visited a rum shop and stopped to take a few pictures of the gulf.

Our last stop was in Hell. Yes, a town named Hell.

Views at Hell
Took the picture so I felt better about our gas prices

After our tour we shopped a little bit and ate at a pizza place.

Enjoyed my first drink on yummy!
I gathered a few sea shells for the kids, got back to our cabin to look at them...and got quiet a surprise...ooops.

Overall if you were to visit the island, I would recommend a similar tour...however, I am not sure I would choose Grand Cayman as a must go to spot to spend an extended vacation. I didn't see the appeal to stay and play there, but maybe that is because we didn't spend our time on the beach...or didn't get to swim with the stingrays....comparing the two islands we visited, I would much rather spend a longer vacation in Cozumel...and you can read about that...tomorrow!


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