Wednesday, November 19, 2014

I interviewed my girls...

I came across this blog post from Weird Unsocialized homeschoolers on 50 Reasons Why Homeschool Kids Love Homeschooling. I thought it was a great list of reasons right from the mouths of kids! I decided to ask my own girls, what they liked about homeschooling.

Of course some of the comments where dislikes.

They don't like that they can't play with a few neighborhood girls during the school day.

They don't like that they can't play at two of the local playgrounds during the day that we can ride our bikes to, because they are on school property.

But they did have quiet a few positive reasons as to why they like homeschooling! Here is their list!

When you are sick you do not have make up work.

We don't have to fight crowds.

We can play at other homeschool friends houses anytime.

We don't have to get dressed in the morning.

We don't have homework.

We can have a dance party whenever we want.

We can work on school upside down.

We get snacks during the day.

We can play with our pets during the day.

We can take advantage of the hot and cold weather.

We can take different kinds of classes during the day such as Art, cooking, and PE.

We can cook and bake fun things.

We can play hide and seek.

We can sleep in.

We can have sleepovers on school nights.

We don't have a dress code.

When I wear my eye patch, no one makes fun of me...Katelyn

We don't have bullies.

We can do lots of crafts.

We play lots of games.

We can go on bike rides and play at the park.

We don't have to bring lunch money.

We can play our ipads during lunchtime.

We can take vacations and not miss school.

We feel safe.

We don't have to walk or drive to school.

We take lots of field trips.

We can do school on the couch or our bed.

We can stay up late.

We have lots of breaks during the day.

We can pray and read our Bible.

The pools and beach are empty once school starts.

We can go camping anytime with our grandma and grandpa.

Our American Girl dolls can come to school with us!

We can see our dad at lunch.


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