Friday, November 7, 2014

Our visit to Cozumel, Mexico

Our second stop on our cruise was Cozumel, Mexico. I was a bit worried about going here, because my husband gave me a few guidelines before booking a was as long as it did not stop in Mexico he would be ok with me going...well this is an island and not connected to the mainland, so he was half way ok with it.

All I have to say The 8 hours we had to spend here was not all. I could spend a few more days here....hint.hint.Sean if you are reading this....

We took a taxi to a resort called Mr. Sanchos. It was free to actually swim on their beach, however we paid for the all-inclusive package which included all you can eat food, drinks, scuba gear, kayaks, and other extra amenities...instead of just sitting on the beach. We definetly got our monies worth with just drinks and food.

There food was extremely good and the facilities were really nice.

We enjoyed hanging out in the gulf with some of our new friends from the cruise. We swam, relaxed, hung out in the pool, ate...and had a great time being off the cruise ship.

I brought my own snorkle gear and saw some hidden Mayan type ruins (probably placed there by the resort). They were cool and had tropical fish swimming in and out of them. While snorkling I saw a stingray and some other fun tropical fish. I did have an underwater once I get those pics developed I will share... if they turned out.

After we enjoyed the resort we did a little shopping. Quiet an interesting experience...I found some nice little "Made in Mexico" trinkets for the kiddos though...for cheap...

Waiting to get off the ship!

I would really like to go back here one day to explore more of the island and do some "real" snorkeling or scuba diving. Here are a few pictures from our day!




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