Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The food on the cruise!

Everyone told me I would gain 10 pounds after cruising.... Well I proved them wrong! I did eat and eat and eat and I was never full... Not sure where the food went, but I'm happy to say I gained nothing!

Our table..

Food was available at all hours of the day and night. Room service was free and had a pretty good selection as well!

Each night we dined with the same assigned guests. We were at a table with two other pairs of sisters and an older gentleman and his "adoptive" son. They were all pretty nice and we had some very interesting conversations.

The servers also entertained us by performing and singing throughout the dinner.

There was one formal night, however I chose to dress up every night. Not in super fancy clothes just skirts and a nice top.

Each night we had a large selection of appetizers, main entrées, and desserts to choose from. There was not a limit as to how much you could order... I typically order two appetizers and two different desserts...yum!!

This cracked our table up...
Strawberry, mint bisque...

For breakfast there is also a pretty big selection...including omelets, waffles, pancakes, eggs, and muffins etc.

For lunch there was also a huge selection including a grill, a deli, pizza, salad bar, and a variety of other items. The desserts were also yummy!

10 pm room service snack!

Many of the older folks go cruising just for the food... Some don't even get off at the islands.

All in all I enjoyed the food...and glad I didn't have any proof coming back! It was nice not having to cook or clean for 6 days!!


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