Monday, July 11, 2016

Colorado trip part 2

This is the 2nd of a four part series. Sorry this is my way of scrapbooking...since it is way easier than buying all of the supplies and my pictures are all digital!

We did a lot of driving on our trips. One of my favorite parts was watching the kids take in the beautiful scenery. Their eyes just lit up when we were on our drives.

On our first day driving around, we visited one our favorites- Breckenridge. We saw that the gondola was operating so we ventured over there and to our surprise it was FREE...which is always a bonus for a family of 7! It was also fully enclosed and we could fit our stroller on it! We took it to the top of the mountain and ventured around the kids fun zone. I was getting ready to splurge on letting the kids go down the alpine slide and roller coaster type slide, but at a whopping $23 per ride I couldn't stomach we would have needed two adult tickets to take the boys...yikes! They were all a bit bummed, but it as it turned out it was a good decision, because the minute we turned around and got back on the gondola it started pouring!

We walked around Breckenridge for a bit. We visited a few shops and the kids played at one of the play areas. Luckily it didn't rain very long, so we were able to enjoy our time there.

After Breckenridge we drove the Loveland Pass Scenic highway. It was fun to see the kids reactions to being so high up. The views are always breathtaking when you are at that high altitude!

Later that evening we visited Echo Lake. This was a lake about 4 miles from our cabin and we really didn't know what to expect. Our plan was to visit it really quick and then head back to our cabin...but once we got to walking we ended up walking around the entire lake--for 3 miles! It was such a pretty hike!

Sean went fly fishing their the next day and caught a trout! He didn't take a I said it didn't count!

Lookin at all of these pictures again...makes me miss this place! We love visiting Colorado!


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