Friday, July 15, 2016

Colorado vacation part 3

On our 2nd and 3rd days in Colorado we did a little hiking and some more scenic driving! My friend Mary lives in Pueblo--about 3 hours South of where we were staying. They came up to visit us for the day--and we had a great time visiting as usual! My kids love playing with her kids!

Our first hiking adventure was to St. Mary's glacier. Lets just say I was not prepared for the hike! It was uphill the entire way and was extremly rocky! The higher altitude didn't help either. I started to think, maybe this wasn't such a good idea with 9 kids (inluding a baby), but once we got was WELL worth it!

The view was amazing! The kids got play in the snow and we enjoyed the cool breeze at the lake. There were crazy people jumping off cliffs into the frigid water and two guys even climbed up the mountain to ski down. We never did see them make it down. Not sure what happened to them!

After we hiked this, we headed back to our cabin for a BBQ and the kids had a fun time exploring around together!

The following day we drove up to Mt. Evans. It has the highest paved road in North America. Sean was driving--thank goodness. It was the scariest drive he has taken. The road was narrow and there were no guard rails. We inched our way up there and it was well worth the drive.

We stopped at a pretty little lake along the way and saw quiet a bit of wild life! Once up to the top we only stayed flkor a few minutes because it was cold and windy like we had anticipated!



Well worth the drive...but be prepared to be a nervous wreck while driving up to the top!


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