Friday, April 30, 2010

May Day Basket Craft

When I talk about making May Day baskets growing up...I get a lot of confused responses. Apparently making May Day baskets was not something everyone did growing up. My understanding was that on May 1st, you make a basket-- supposed to be filled with flowers-- but candy is more fun for kids-- you leave it at someone's door, ring the bell and run away. Well that is at least what my sister and I did. Maybe we made up this holiday?? Well regardless, I am having some friends over and I thought it would be a fun craft for my girls if we made all of the kids May Day baskets. I had this wonderful idea in my head. Didn't quiet turn out as I had planned, but I think they are pretty cute. The kids will decorate the baskets with stickers if they want. Did you celebrate May Day by making baskets growing up?


  1. You are not alone! We always did MayDay baskets in our family, too, and we still LOVE doing them! Yours turned out VERY cute - way to go! :)