Monday, June 7, 2010

Oh rainy days!

Rainy, dreary, dark days! It seems like we have had quiet a few of these in the past few months. Unless we already have something planned to do, I am not the type of person to drag all of the kiddos out in the rain. I try to be creative with how we spend our time when we are cooped up inside. Cartoons would be an easy (quiet) choice for me, however my girls LOVE to do arts and crafts. They also like to play games or do anything that involves building. Are you bored on rainy days like these....try some of these activities.

Finger painting! Yes messy....but my girls love it!! They don't really make any pictures as they would with crayons or markers, but it is such a fun activity for them!
Sorting colors and making kids love trains...not sure what kid out there doesn't. We started off by sorting the little counting blocks and then made a train stretching from our front door to our back door.
Arts and crafts...this was supposed to be a manger...
Building blocks
And puzzles...both girls love puzzles...we could do them all day! This one was Katelyn's...

Wedgits...ever heard of them? kids...including Easton love them! They have the hard plastic kind or the plastic that you can squeeze for little babies.

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