Tuesday, June 15, 2010

What does Sean do all day anyways?

For those of you with kids...have you ever gotten that question of what daddy does all day? My girls are constantly asking what their daddy is doing and where is he? Right now Sean is the plant manager at a plastics molding place called Lenco PMC. It is in Waverly, Nebraska about 25 minutes away from our house. He overseas the manufacturing of whatever plastic contracts his company gets. He meets with their customers, decides on pricing and purchasing, and overseas over a hundred employees.
They make all sorts of plastics things.... it seems like every time I turn around they are making something new. Some things include DVD/CD jewel cases, convenience store bottle shelves (as seen in a picture from our fridge holding our water), lids for finger nail polishes, make-up containers, trash cans, spice containers, cups, handy dandy flies swaters-- (as seen in the picture below--yes that is a little scooper to scoop the fly up and pinchers:))...the list goes on...if it is plastic, they can make it.
If I could secretly follow Sean around for a day I would. He tells me story after story about what goes on during the day...some very interesting things. It hasn't been my favorite job for him...but it is a job and we will take it. I still like his old job at Irwin...basically because of the nice discounts we got on Little Tykes, Graco, Rubbermaid, and Calphalon and they had really nice company parties. No discounts here on products and the company parties are getting better.

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  1. Tristan's never asked what Anthony does (he doesn't ask questions yet), but that's one thing I love about Anthony's job is that we can go there and hang out sometimes. He works in a feed store so if it's slow, we can just go up there and have lunch with him or just really hang out. Sometimes Anthony will take Tristan with him to deliver feed, too.