Tuesday, August 31, 2010

School has begun!

A few weeks ago Katelyn started preschool and Jocelyn started kindergarten. I was going to wait after Labor Day, but things are going to be crazy the week after Labor Day, so I just started when we had a little lull in activity. We are just doing 2-3 days a week until things calm down and we are done traveling. Here is a peak at some of the activities we have been working on. Having a good time...well at least the girls and I...Easton on the other hand isn't taking it so well...good thing for his morning nap!! And YES...the kids are for the most part still in their pajamas...:)

Music time!! We play some kid music and start off with an instrument and then trade throughout the song/s.
Jocelyn and Katelyn working on Math...Katelyn just counting...Jocelyn counting and adding.Arts and Crafts...my favorite part and the kids love it too!

Reading....Jocelyn is working on the Hooked on Phonics package and BOB books
We do devotions with this book right now. It focuses on an animal trait and then what God and the Bible tells us how we should act.
Telling time with our clock...that thing drives me nuts...no on/off switch and goes off in the middle of the night...but it helps with telling time!
Katelyn working on her shapes
The girls working on month, days, dates, tomorrow, yesterday, and today.
The girls working on spelling their names...Jocelyn already knew, but Katelyn just learned the past week...she is so proud...if you are around her...she might just tell you how to spell it!:)

I gave Jocelyn a spelling test and she wrote them on the dry erase board...then called out the letters and Katelyn.....
....found the letter that Jocelyn called out.
The girls making fake money.
Easton coloring
More arts and crafts


  1. how much fun! Will you home school my kids, too? lol

  2. Great job, mama!!! We should do a co-op some time! ;)