Friday, April 15, 2011

All about flowers!

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This week in school our focus was on flowers.  I thought it would be an ideal subject since our flowers are blooming all around our yard!  Such a pretty sight to see!  I love this time of year.  Now if the weather stayed spring like instead of switching randomly back to winter…everything would be just perfect!

Bible for the week:
At the homeschooling conference I attended a few weeks ago, I bought a new devotional book for the kids.  This one has different stories and life applications to teach the kids.  
The first story we read was about selfishness.  So, the bible verse for this week was:

Philippians 2:4:  
 Let each of you look out not only for his own interests, but also for the interests of others.
Flower Activities:
I have found that it has worked best to first find out what the girls know and don’t know about a certain subject.  We can then focus on things that they do not know.  
 We then looked at several different types of flowers and studied the different parts to a flower. 
My friend Megan gave me a little pot with Azalea’s and Sean gave me a Phalaenopsis Orchid plant back in February…so instead of having to pick flowers from the yard, we had some real examples in the house.  We dissected one of the Azalea’s to see the different parts.
Jocelyn demonstrating how a the sepal part on the flower opens up to expose the petals
 My sister bought the girls an indoor greenhouse so we planted that.
We did a few art activities related to the flower.

Snack time...yum!
Other activities throughout the week….I love seeing what other families do with their kids.  Sometimes I forget what type of games/activities we have hidden away here, so my goal is to use everything at least once this school year.  Here are few fun things that the kids liked doing this week.
Katelyn working on her addition with the bugs!
Jocelyn making patterns with the bugs
Jocelyn working on ordering

Katelyn working on matching the first letters of different pictures

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  1. Oh Lydia has a similar devo book and loves it! Enjoy! They grow too fast.

  2. I love your flower snack and cupcake liner craft. So cute!