Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Tea Party Ballet Camp!

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Ever since last December Jocelyn has been asking me when she could go back to a ballet camp.  She had so much fun at the last camp that she attended and couldn't wait for the next.  I kept telling her I didn't know when another camp would be or if there would be another one.  

Last week I received an e-mail that the gal who hosted the last camp was going to be back in town for the week...she lives and works in San Diego.  So we signed Jocelyn up and of course Katelyn felt a little left out again, because she was too young to go.  So I was THAT mom and asked if my 3 year old could attend a camp that was meant for 5-9 year olds.  We heard back the night before the camp that Katelyn could come! Turns out Katelyn says she did not have fun and she would have rather have gone to Runza to get a smoothie with me.  Lovely.  The camp was truly meant for 5-9 year olds.  This camp focused on tea party etiquette.  They learned about manners, made a craft, made an invitation for their tea party, and enjoyed snacks and tea!  
Jocelyn had a good time as always.  

Below is a video of a simple dance they learned and a few pictures from their day.  Not quiet sure about their outfits..I sent them in really cute dance outfits, but they changed...oh well....can't win them all!


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