Thursday, April 28, 2011

May Day anyone?

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May 1st is May Day!!!!  Do you celebrate it?  Don't ask me what May Day really is...I honestly have no clue.  But growing up I remember making little baskets and filling them with popcorn, candy, and sometimes flowers, delivering them to our friends doorsteps, ringing the doorbell, and the running away.  Apparently my friends who grew up in other states did not celebrate this day....and neither did my husband.  Maybe it is a Nebraska thing?? Well I am carrying on the tradition with my kiddos.  They all think it is a fun little activity.  This year the kids chose a few local friends to make baskets for.  Their list was quiet extensive, so I had to narrow it down for them...sorry if you didn't make the cut:(  Actually I have several friends who live in the same neighborhood, so we just went from street to street making deliveries.  The kids had fun making them and seeing a few of their friends.  Most of the supplies used for this year's May Day were given to our kiddos for one reason or another...including the cups! (thanks Angie):)
So now the question you celebrate May Day?
Getting ready to make the baskets

Having a picnic before we start assembling the baskets

Each basket had something different in them
After we delivered all of the May Day baskets, I made baskets for the girls...while Easton was napping.  He is only two right? and won't care if gets is what I sat on the porch....
 and the second I did that I got ready to softly knock on the door and I looked up and saw this....

 One sad little I had to run back in the house and scramble to make him a little basket and then I rang the doorbell and this is Jocelyn's reaction:
 and then they all came out and collected their baskets!
and Easton was happy once again!
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  1. I remember May Day, but don't remember what it was about either.