Tuesday, April 12, 2011

One month down....one more month to go!

I am almost one month in to the 60 day body challenge that I signed up for and I have one more month to go!  I am doing ok so far.  Weekends are really hard.  Really, really hard for me.  We have so many different things going on that involved food and eating out.  It is so hard for me to resist.  I have done pretty good on resisting desserts...on most occasions.  

I worked out using the Jillian Michaels 30 day shred for the first 3 weeks and did a few different things at the Y.  This past week I have started training on our indoor bike.  We got it back in 2006 and then I found out I was pregnant with Katelyn...so why would I want to work out...ok, I know it is good for you when you are pregnant, but the only type of working out I like to do while I am pregnant is water aerobics.  So this past week I am back on the bike and so far I LOVE it.  On average I bike 9 miles.  I wish I could go more...and I know I can, however I usually end my session due to a baby screaming or a little two year old getting into everything.  Today I did school while I road and dictated Jocelyn's spelling words and had her work on her math and then Katelyn worked on writing...that seemed to work o.k. but then it was time to move onto the next thing in school.  I have contemplated using naptime to work out, but that is my time to run through the house like a mad women and get things done.  Exercise right?  :)  That is my thought.  

My weight keeps going up and down...it will go down two lbs and then up two lbs....really frustrating.  I try to wear the same outfit every time I weigh myself, so not really sure what is going on there.   Maybe it is the scale...:)

How am I doing compared to others in the competition?  I really don't know exactly.  I have my accountability partner that I chat with every day.  She is working out like crazy...and doing so good.  She has lost a higher percentage of weight than me so far, so I know I am not in first place right now.  We have a forum on Facebook where the participants post what they are doing.  We have quiet a few runners in the group who are training for various marathons, so that is a bit scary...yet I am proud of them and their motivation.  We have quiet a handful on various fasts for spiritual reasons and at least one doing some type of detox.  No exactly sure why I know about the spiritual fasts (supposed to do it in secret....(Matthew 6:16-18)...but that could be an entirely different post.  So it seems like there are several different things that participants are doing that will help them lose weight.  

One more month to go....I can do this!!!

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