Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A wonderful Saturday! Go Big Red!

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Last Thursday and Friday it was raining and snowing here. was the middle of April….who would expect it to be raining and snowing?  I sure didn’t.  We promised to take the kids to the Husker spring game this year, so I was a bit nervous about the weather situation….but….it ended up being a beautiful day!!! I even got a sun burn on my face…ooops.   Who would have thought?  Here are few pictures from our day!

The scoreboard
The team running out on the field
This is just a spring game...who would have thought?

and this poor little guy got left at home....but still all smiles and supporting his team!
 Then after we went to the game we went home to get ready for our weanie and smores roast!  We love having people over and hanging out around the fire.  I got kind of busy socializing, but snapped a few photos.  After a busy day like this, I could hardly function when it was all said and done...and then Weston was up all night after that.  Babies!

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