Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Chore chart revised!

During the last school year I reported on our new responsibility chart that I made for my girls.  They were to be rewarded with tickets for every assigned task that they completed and then they could redeem their tickets for a prize once they reached 15.  You can find that post here: Responsibility chart.

I can view my stats on the posts that are the most read...and that has been the most popular post. Apparently a lot of people want to try something like that.  Well I am here to report...we are longer doing the reward system....for several reasons.

--I couldn't find a good place to put the chart.  Dumb I know.  I don't like having charts and tacky things in our normal living area.  That is just me.  Most of my open wall space is filled with lovely Uppercase Living:)
--The only open wall space I could find was in the girls walk in closet...well that didn't work because who wanted to walk up there to see who was doing what for the day?  I didn't.  
--Easton is now helping...there wasn't really a lot of room to add a third child with my current system.
--I kept forgetting to reward them...hmmmm....they were still doing the work...but weren't being rewarded?  Who would have thought?  
So scratch the reward system.  My kids are just natural helpers.  Well my oldest and 3rd child are.  Katelyn is, but sometimes she needs a second or third reminder to get things done. 

It also hit me (yes, sometimes I am slow) but why should kids get rewarded for helping around the house...they are making a majority of the mess.  Should I be the maid and just clean up right after them all the time?  How will they learn what being part of a family is or about responsibility if they never have to do household chores?  Will they require some type of reward every time they have to help someone?  I hope not!  So gone is the responsibility chart and here is my new simple chore chart....on the side of our refridgerator. 
I need to make more magnets...there were only two blank ones, but here is the start.  They will have the new chores each week.  Yes Easton is in the mix.  He loves helping out.  He will probably fight the girls to do some of these things.  And no more rewards...funny enough my kids love just getting a pat on the back (literally) and a "thank you for helping" from me.

I got a ton of feedback through e-mail about my last chore chart...let me know if you have any other ideas for chores that the kids can help out with!  Thanks!

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  1. I totally agree with not rewarding for normal chores around the house. It DOES teach them to only work when there is a reward. I hear too often it's the mom's job. Well, it is, but they are totally making the mess and it's ok to be a team and all do the work together! I tried the ticket thing for one thanks!!! I have set up charts at times where there are rewards. I am not against rewards for children by any means, just not for normal household chores.