Thursday, August 18, 2011

Making applesauce with the kiddos!

 My girls love to help out in the kitchen.  During this next school year I am going to put them in charge more with making dinners, lunches, and snacks.  I thought it would be fun to post different things that we are doing in the kitchen.  What about their school work?  Have no fear...we are doing the kitchen! They are reading and following directions.  They are working on team work (fighting basically right now over who does we are working on that!).  We talk a little bit about basic chemistry.  We are doing math...fractions, adding etc.  Most of all...we are having fun!  So put on your apron with my little girls and I (oh and Easton too...he likes to be right in the middle of everything) and come join our journey of Kids in the Kitchen!!

We have an apple tree in our front yard and the kids love picking apples from it every year.  Two years ago we lost it in a storm...well we thought we did.  Ever since the storm, Sean has propped it up with a rope to help keep it alive.  
 Last year, we didn't get a very big crop...but this year it seems as if we are going to have quiet a few apples.  We went out this morning and picked a few ripe ones and made some strawberry applesauce.  Here are a few pictures of our morning! The kids and I can't wait to go the real apple orchard in a few weeks!  Enjoy!

We picked a few ripe ones...and a few that weren't ripe and a few covered with ants...yuck!  I peeled and cut them up.
We then boiled them in a pot for about 10 minutes until they were soft.
We threw them in the food processor along with some frozen strawberries (that we picked this summer at the strawberry patch), sugar, and cinnamon. 
Then we served it up...and got three thumbs up!

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