Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Wanted....Nice, new neighbors!

Sometimes I live in this fantasy world ...I think.  I have a dream that one day we will have neighbors that have kids the same ages as ours.  We will have neighbors that we can sit back and relax together, sip lemonade on our porches, watch our kids run around in the woods together.  We will have neighbors that don't destroy our personal property.  We will have neighbors that won't call our kids bad names and teach them horrible things.  One day...I pray this will come true.  If you are reading this and have a nice family...or know someone who does...I am inviting you/them to take a look at our neighbors' houses.  We live at the south edge of a little village called Pleasant Dale.  The sign for our village says 245 residents.  Not sure if that is true, but we will go with that for now.  There are 4 houses on our little street and 2 of them are on the market.  I don't know the exact situation, but one is a marital situation and the other is possibly the same, but I am not sure.  These houses are really nice and are suitable for families with several kids.  Plus...an added bonus you could have us as your neighbors!!
The shared commons area for our three houses...before spring...nice place for a weanie roast!
If you look behind the girls...you can see the commons area in the springtime..pretty!
What are the other benefits of living in Pleasant Dale you must ask?
**We have two parks!  Yes two!
**There is a bar/restaurant just footsteps away...they have really good pizza!
**We live 10 minutes from the beach...ok...not the ocean beach, but a lake beach.
**We have REALLY low taxes compared to Lancaster county.  Really low.
**We are just 2 miles from a major interstate (well ok...we aren't right this second, but should be in the fall)
**You can visit our wonderful postmaster everyday to get your mail!
**It is REALLY quiet here...REALLY, REALLY quiet.
**You can share a wooded commons area with us...perfect for weanie roasts, archery, killing rodents etc.
**You could have a third garage for your junk/toys.
**You are only 12 miles from the nearest Super Wal-mart and the BEST Chinese Buffet in the United States...seriously...best.
**You are only 15 minutes away from South Lincoln.
***Oh and did I mention the nice neighbors...us??**
So spread the word...tell your friends...share these links...your new house (and neighbors) is/are waiting...
(in my opinion they will probably take a decent offer below their asking price...even though they are already priced way below what they should be really asking.)
Click "here" for the neighbor's directly next door to us.
Click "here" for the neighbor's house 2 doors down from us.

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