Monday, August 22, 2011

Impromptu photo session with the kids!

We were heading out the children's museum last week and our friend canceled at the last minute because she was instead of going to the museum, I decided it would be a lot more fun to have an impromptu photo session at a local garden.  I didn't realize it was a blazing hot 91 degrees outside...but my kids were troopers and allowed me to snap a few photos of them...sweaty and all.  As you can probably tell by my blog I have either my camera photo, my travel size camera, or our real camera handy pretty much all of the time.  I love taking pictures!  I decided the other day that I should probably learn to use our camera, so I ordered a book to help me learn about the different features.  I guess the camera will snap some really good photos...if only I knew how:)  I also decided, I should probably figure out our Photoshop program.  I thought it would be a really easy..user friendly program...well it isn't.  So hopefully my new books will help me learn how to take and edit better pictures.  So enjoy what I snapped last week...and yes bribery works...we went out for ice cream afterwards! 


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