Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Sugar high!

My girls have been counting down for one full year for Sean's company party.  They had so much fun last year...they could not wait to go again.  Sean had some pretty big expectations to meet....they reminded him constantly of things that he needed to make sure he had....cotton candy, sno-cones, lemonade, bounce houses, and water balloons.  Well Sean met their expecations and they once again had a good time !  Before dinner the kids all had a sno-cone, cotton candy, and ice cream...and who knows how much lemonade...needless to say they weren't very hungry for the actual meal.  The countdown begins again....
Easton going down the waterslide
The girls going up the waterslide!
Having tons of fun!
All smiles!
This little guy just sat around and took it all in.  He didn't make a peep the entire night!
Jumping on one of the bounce houses
Sliding down another bounce house
Easton had no clue what to do with the cotton candy...he kept trying to sweep the ground with it... He maybe thought it was a broom or dust thingy??
Homemade ice cream!! Yum!

Blowing up water balloons
Everyone eating!
One of the bounce houses
Full of lemonade
Waiting in line for cotton candy
Sean making cotton candy

Eating grass
Enjoying his home made ice cream
Katelyn trying to decide who to hit

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