Thursday, September 13, 2012

A few things we have been doing around here:)

We have been pretty busy with school around here.  It is fun to see my little kids catch on to new concepts and learn new things!  Here are a few of the activities that we worked on over the past few weeks! 

We had music time...Weston playing with the instruments (below) and the other kids marching with their instruments:)

 The two older kids then drew pictures of their favorite instruments.

 Easton worked on matching magnet letters to words that I wrote on our dry erase board.
 He then did his name.
 The girls finished memorizing the books of the Bible!!  They are lining up all of the books in a row!
 This picture doesn't show much, but I was teaching Katelyn money concepts.  She counted the different rows and had to tell me what row had the highest dollar amount.  Good little activity for kids who think just because they have 10 pennies...does not mean it is as much as 1 quarter.
 During "Kids in the Kitchen" the kids helped me make chocolate chip cookies.  Yum!

 We are going to be visiting Washington DC next week!  The kids had to be creative and build their version of the Washington Monument.  I was thinking they would want to use white paper and tape...but this is what they came up with:)
 Then I had them build what their dream state capitol would look like.  We compared our state capitol with the United States Capitol.

 Easton LOVES putting together puzzles.  This is a great (quiet) activity for him! 
 Katelyn again working on matching up money with their monetary amount.
 The girls love to compete against each other.  I used Katelyn's reading words and had a little spelling contest between the two.  Here is Jocelyn showing me one of the words and then Katelyn writing one of the words.  Katelyn is a year ahead of where Jocelyn was when she was 5.  Amazing how different kids learn.  She tried to get Sean (my husband) to tell her that she was smarter than Jocelyn...funny.  Don't worry...he didn't help her boost her ego.
 I asked the girls what they would like to do for a craft day....Katelyn chose to make a piano for their AG dolls...
Easton working on his letters.  We are working on his uppercase letters right now and he is already to V!  Here is a picture of his BIG T and S.  He likes to write his letters really big!

That is all that I remembered to take pictures of!  Fun times!!  Now I need to pack up or school things for the road!!! 

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