Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Husker Day! Go Big Red!

Last January I started a homeschool meet-up group.  The number of people in attendance varied from a few families to at tops 10 families.  I was thinking that since homeschoolers are just as busy as public/private school families there maybe wasn't the need (like I thought there was) for field trips and different meet-up activities.  I am thinking this is a new school year and more families are coming out of the wood work to join in our activities...which means I am super excited.  A few logistical issues are going to arise...but I am working on figuring things out so no one is left out.

Our first meet-up of the school year was at my Alma-mater...the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.  I scheduled a tour of the Memorial Stadium where the Nebraska Cornhuskers football team played.  We also go to see where other athletes work out and train.

I didn't take very many pictures...because I have already been on this if you want to see more in depth pictures of these facilities you can click on my blog post from our last tour: HERE!

 Wondering about these cute shirts the girls and I are wearing??  Well you know that little post I wrote about garage saling and good deals??  A gal over at Rhinestone Revolution....posted my tank top to sell!  I couldn't pass it up!  I had been looking for a new husker shirt the previous weekend...and couldn't quiet find one that I liked.  I asked her if she could make the girls a similar shirt.  She didn't have any girls fitted shirts in she made them with regular kid shirts...still I think they look cute....and they are a bit large on them...but hey...we can get a few years of wear out of them!! them!!  Thanks Anjilynn!

Have an idea for a t-shirt?  Click on her facebook page and she can help you out!!  She lives outside the Lincoln support your small business owners!!:)

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