Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Garage Saling and good deals!!

I LOVE garage saling!  Always have...and probably always will!  There is just something about going through people's "junk" and making it into your own treasure.  I remember when I was little going garage saling with my mom and finding all sorts of goodies.  Now my kids love doing just the same.  It is getting a bit trickier now that I have 4 little ones in tow...but we manage.  They love going...but they also want to buy everything that they see.  :)  We still go on occasion, but not as much as I would like to.  I would much rather buy something used than new!  Love saving a penny!

So in order to fulfill my love for all things used...I used to have this thing for Craigslist.  I rarely bought anything from craigslist with the exception of a few large items...our minivan, bunkbed, barbie house, waterslide, and a few baby items.  It was just fun (for me) to see what other people had to sell.  I also was able to sell quiet a bit off of craigslist...I would say in the area of $2000 or more....maybe $3000.  Craziness...huh? 

But now...who needs craigslist when you can get real time feeds on facebook of what local people are trying to sell?!!  We have a local site called Linconsign (for kids items), Linconsign closet (for adult clothing, shoes, and purses) and Linconsign Home (for all other things).   I have found so many good deals on these sites...and I can garage sale at any time day or night!!  Ok...not anytime...but mostly in the evening and some afternoons. 

The only hitch is you have to meet up with someone to buy/sell your items.  Since we don't live in town, I really have to plan my week ahead of time to know if buying something is a possibility.

Here is a little peak of the cool things that I have found...and have saved a pretty penny on!! 

Clothing and shoes not pictured....due to my napping little boys!:) and my cool wall art that I am picking up tomorrow!! yay!

I was BEYOND thrilled when this got to my name....there was one lady in front of me and she was a no show, so it was mine...all MINE:)  These retail for around $50 at Shopko...I paid only $15 for this.  Instead of having a million little shoe box totes around the school room...we now have this wonderful little rolling cart...LOVE!  I filled the drawers with little busy activities...legos, blocks, lincoln logs, cars etc!!
 This little race car rug!  The boys have a similar one in their bedroom, but I thought this would be a nice addition to the school room and it is big enough for them to both sit together on it.
 Got these for over 1/2 off retail price!  We seem to always run out of seating when I have people over.   The kids have matching kid size chairs...these are adult size!!
 and this was my favorite....and let me tell you there were about a million others lined up for me to back out...sorry snooze you lose!  It is a little 18 inch doll vanity for over 1/2 off retail.  It is in perfect condition and a great addition to the girls American Girl doll bathroom...yes you read that right...their bathroom...they have little rooms set up in their closet and bedroom.  The gal who was selling this offered up a bathtub...I could just picture the kids filling up the tub with real I declined her very generous offer! 
Any good deals that you have found on similar sites?

If you want to join any of the three pages..let me know and I send you a request!

Happy Shopping!


  1. Okay, just a little envious of your rolling drawers! :) Good find!

  2. Love your blog, and I'd love an invitation to Linconsign Home! How do I give you my information?

    1. I am not in charge of the dite and they have changed things a little bit...last I heard they keep stop adding new can try here: