Friday, August 31, 2012

2nd week...check!

We just finished up our second week of school!  I have been busy trying to work out a few kinks.  I am not a big fan of the schedule that I created.  Since I created it...I don't have to follow it...correct?:)   I just keep what I want to accomplish in my head and then we get as much done as we can during the day.  Sometimes we are done right before lunch....rarely though.  Most of the time we take a break around the lunch hour and resume around 1pm-2:30pm or so...sometimes later.  Our days just vary:)

I am not going to summarize every week...even though I have a few friends that tell me to keep posting ideas...they need as much help as they can get.  I will try my best...but our time seems to be more limited nowadays.

Here are a few things that we did over this past week!

 I quizzed the girls with questions referring to time.  They each had to hold out a color cube with their answer.  I put 5 questions on the board and then had them show me random times on their clocks.

 The girls have almost finished memorizing the books of the Old Testament in the Bible...5 more books to go!  We are all having fun with this activity!
 Katelyn spelling our her spelling words with letter blocks.  One word she had was "spize".  You know what that is?  I have no clue.  Actually she was in the process of turning the Z to make an N.  Spine...was the word.
 On another day I read her sentences and she filled in the blanks with her words...and stamped them out.
 Jocelyn working on contraction matching.

 The kids were really confused by this activity...I put a whole bunch of scrap paper and handed them a bottle of glue and a white piece of paper.  I told them they couldn't use scissors or any writing utensils.  They had to create a scene of some sort.  They were confused...but in the end...they got it.
 Easton just did sticker art!
 We then made butterflies...kind of out of season...but the kids loved it!

 And we made some very yummy banana bread!!! The recipe is worth trying out!!!

Hope your kids had a good week at school!!!

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